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A complete line of feeders and cutting equipment from CPM Century Extrusion.

Side Feeding Systems:

In support of a Ruiya Extrusion compounding line or to upgrade your existing equipment, Ruiya Extrusion offers the necessary feeding and cutting equipment for your application.

Feeder Types:

  • Side feeders 
  • Volumetric ingredient feeders
  • Loss in weight feeders
  • Cramming feeders
  • Liquid feeders

Pelletizer Types:

  • Strand pelletizers
  • Water ring cutters
  • Underwater pelletizers
  • Die face cutters

ECON and CPM cooperate to deliver the EUPC underwater pelletizer. ECON is a leader in underwater pelletizing technology and is the choice of many leading global producers.  The EUPC is based on the design of the European EUP series and features the following:

  1. Push-button start – automatic, fast and safe
  2. No “freezing” of die holes due to the thermal insulation
  3. CECONID® die plate – high wear resistant for a long useful life
  4. Constant pellet quality
  5. Smallest possible pellets, even micro pellets
  6. Compact unit, minimal space requirements, simple handling
  7. Minimal energy consumption – highest energy savings
  8. Optional components for your individual requirements
  9. Low labor and maintenance costs
  10. Bypass piping not required, less water loss
  11. Continuous process water filtration, optional with automatic compact band filter
  12. Easily accessible pellet dryer, free of dead spots for simple and safe cleaning

The CPM Extrusion Group is a global leader in the supply of twin screw extruders, replacement parts, and support services for many industries, including plastics compounding, masterbatch, powder coatings, human food, pet food, and many others.

Strand Pelletizing Line

  • Reinforcement: glass fiber reinforced PP, PA, PBT
  • Blending and Alloy: PC/ABS, PP/EPDM or SBS 
  • Filling: CaCo3, Talc filled PE, PP
  • Color Masterbatch: PE, PET, PP with pigments
  • Flame Retardants : PP, PA, ABS, PBT with flame retardants

Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing Line

  • Filling: CaCo3, Talc filled PE, EVA
  • Degradable masterbatch: PE, PS + Starch
  • Flame Retardants : PE, EVA + Mg(OH)2, Al2(OH)3 


Water Ring Pelletizing Line

  • Filling CaCo3, Talc filled PE, PP
  • Cable compounds of LDPE, HDPE
  • TPU, TPV compounds 
  • Hot-melt adhesives

Under Water Pelletizing Line

  • TPU, PA, POM, PMMA reaction extrusion

Tandem Extruder & Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing Line

  • PVC compounds for cable, shoe sole
  • HFFR cable compounds


Tandem Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line 

  • Crosslinkable PE (XLPE) cable compounds