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High performance replacement barrels from Century Extrusion.


Century Extrusion has the widest barrel offering in the industry. To date, we have manufactured replacement parts for 30 different brands of twin screw extruders. No other supplier can match Century’s experience in part design, wear and process application.

In addition to providing high performance replacement barrels for the Century Extrusion brand of twin screw extruder, Century Extrusion manufactures barrels ranging from 25mm to 177mm for most major brands of twin screw extruders, including:

  • Coperion / Werner & Pfleiderer
  • Berstorff
  • Davis Standard
  • Leistritz
  • Buhler
  • Clextral
  • APV / Baker Perkins
  • B & P Process Equipment
  • Entek
  • Toshiba

Barrel Design Details 

Century Extrusion has developed replacement barrels for machines ranging from 25mm to 177mm in diameter. Our offering includes parts for all configurations including:

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Flanged
  • Non-Flanged
  • Clamshell
  • Designs for special applications 

Advanced Wear Solutions 

Century Extrusion delivers productivity through the best wear solutions available today. In support of our commitment, Century Extrusion places a very high priority on the development of advanced materials of construction and the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes.

Seamless, 4.5mm average thickness, crack-free wear surface, heavily loaded with 65% tungsten carbide in a nickel matrix for maximum wear and corrosion resistance. Geometrically correct apex dimension provides optimal design performance.

  • High toughness for excellent impact resistance
  • Twice the bond strength and twice the wear depth as cladded coatings
  • Four-quadrant cooling
  • Industry's most highly-loaded, HIPPed, tungsten carbide barrel.

Tungsten Carbide Barrels 

The Century Extrusion Tungsten Carbide barrel is the perfect illustration of our commitment to providing the best “cost per wear” solutions available. The Century Extrusion design offers these benefits:

  • High carbide content for excellent abrasive wear resistance
  • High nickle content for corrosive wear resistance 
  • Correct OEM apex dimensions 
  • Excellent bond strength between carbide layer and base materials to ensure adhesion of wear surface and robust apex
  • Wear surface free of cracks and pits 

HIPped Barrels 

HIPped Barrels for extreme wear and corrosion applications. Century Extrusion’s HIPped Barrels offer optimum performance for extreme wear and corrosion applications. In addition, Century HIPped Barrels offer these benefits:

  • Tailored material chemistry to ensure the best mix of corrosion and wear resistance
  • Seamless surface and excellent bond strength eliminate delamination and "chuncking" of the wear surface (problems inherent to other wear solutions)

Combi Barrels 

Century Extrusion also offers a wide variety of barrel accessories including:

  • Barrel fastener kits
  • Vent ports 
  • Vent plugs
  • Vent stacks
  • Barrel spacers
  • Injection port adapters