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HIgh Performance Elements


The Design

CPM Extrusion Group developed and engineered screw elements with special process tasks to improve the standard performance of screw elements. These elements are our High Performance Elements (HPE).

What can our High Performance Elements mean for you?

The right carefully selected High Performance Element introduced into the process at the right point can increase throughput and product quality in many different levels.

High levels of energy input and the resulting strong rise of local temperature are usually unwanted side effects of using kneading elements. Our HP Elements can lower the energy input into the product and this with very high disruptive and distributive mixing action. The High Performance Elements prevent local overload by shear peaks and boost the mixing action by creating elongational flow based on geometric changes in the screw profile. Furthermore, the basic T-Profile Element geometry keeps the well-known self-cleaning effect of tightly intermeshing screw profiles.

Our process specialists team will figure out the improvement potential together with our customer and will make recommendations for an improved screw configuration or process set-up.

T-profile screws T6

Our Tandem-profile screws are based on a non-symmetrically intermeshing profile. The idea is that only one tip of the profile scrapes the barrel surface and that each section is turned by 180 degree so that the continuous tip is created. This will create a positive conveying with improved surface renewal rate and T6 clearance.

T-profile screws T3

With the T3 screws the basic idea stays the same but here there is T3 clearance and there is a higher degree of filling due to lower conveying efficiency and there is an improved mixing effect.

The Advantages

  • High Performance Elements can optimize your current process through:
  • Improved mixing for masterbatch, engineered plastics, etc.
  • Enhanced degassing to reduce VOCs in interior application compounds.
  • Increased throughput by debottlenecking your twin-screw extruder
  • Reduced specific energy consumption


  • Engineered plastics
  • Powder coatings
  • Human and pet
  • Food
  • Adhesives
  • Insulating Compounds
  • Devolatilization
  • Thermoplastics
  • Masterbatch
  • Toners PCV and cable compounds
  • Chemical and reactive compounds