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High performance replacement screw elements from Century Extrusion.


Century Extrusion has developed the most comprehensive line of replacement screw elements available today. Offering more than 60 materials, Century Extrusion is able to meet your most specific wear and corrosion requirements. We are continually developing new materials to help you decrease cost of ownership and downtime.

  • Through hardened for consistent wear throughout the life of part
  • Additional surface treatments available
  • Soft core for spline protection and maximum torque transfer
  • Profiles finish ground providing geometric accuracy and excellent surface finish
  • Engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications


  • 10V-12 was developed by Century Extrusion to offer the best cost per wear available today.
  • 10V-12 has become the industry benchmark for high wear application.
  • 10V-12 contains high levels of vanadium for excellent wear resistance as well as high levels of chromium for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • 10V-12 is manufactured from powdered alloys utilizing HIPping technology. HIPped 10V-12 produces a homogeneous carbide distribution superior to conventional steels ensuring consistent wear throughout the part.
  • Century Extrusion manufactures 10V-12 in-house in order to maintain tight control of quality, lead time, and cost.
  • 10V-12 also utilizes a soft core to protect shaft splines and to ensure maximum transfer of torque.

Element Capabilities 

  • Spline, hex, keyed
  • Custom profiles
  • High performance alloy steels selected to match specific applications
  • Elements manufactured for more than 30 brands of twin screw extruders including: Coperion, Werner & Pfleiderer, Berstorff, Clextral, Davis Strand, APV, and many more


  • Century 10V-12
  • CPM 9V & 10V
  • 440C
  • Nitrided
  • Many more